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Become a Prayer Captain

"God is holding men responsible for the fate of the nation." 
-- Dick Simmons, founder of Men for Nations

Our communities are lacking spiritual leadership, and we need God in every sphere of our society. Whether it be government, schools, churches, or business, our leaders need the prayer, backing, and involvement of regular people standing up in our communities.

As a Men for Nation’s prayer captain, you commit to rally at least once a week to stand in prayer, as the Lord leads, for your city, county, state, nation, and for God’s Will to be done around the World.

As a prayer captain, you will be tasked with being a consistent voice unto the Lord for your community while leading the charge to rally your friends, neighbors, and churches to do the same. As a representative, you will become a part of a national movement to see a million men wake up early in prayer on behalf of this nation and for God's purposes throughout the world.


Reach out today about becoming a prayer captain to your community and being a part of the call for men to pray.

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