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Bible Reading & Study Plan

God's Covenants and Acts in the Flow of Biblical History

This THRU YOUR BIBLE READING & STUDY PLAN will assist you in prayerfully analyzing and understanding the key messages of each of the 66 books of the Bible. You will discover and trace the central and unifying theme of the entire Bible which flows through all of the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation—God’s covenanted relationship with Israel in the Old Testament and with his Church in the New Testament. God’s whole purpose and plan for mankind will unfold to you. God, himself will be revealed to you as a father who faithfully keeps covenant with his adopted children. If we trust and obey Him, he will always act on our behalf according to his covenant promises. You will grow in your knowledge of our Lord and his purposes for your life and how you might best please him as you serve.

Let the Bible speak for itself!  The triumph of the Church under persecution will depend on how well God’s people are grounded in the Scriptures. This plan is designed to equip us to live in the midst of a hostile society, shining as lights, holding forth the Word of Life.


R.J. Simmons

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